Friday, August 11, 2017

Family and Maintenance

Thursday, July 27

Mark, Arthur, Kristina, Melora and I visited Mark's nephew, Kevin, and his son, Stephen (his wife, Jackie, was at work--Even, his four-year-old was at camp).  It was Kevin's birthday, so when we spotted him pushing the pram, we rolled down the windows to the car and sang "Happy Birthday" at him.  Jackie's parents were there, and I think our singing put Kevin into that slightly embarrassed, slightly resigned place that only crazy relatives can put you in.

Their house is compact and very cute, with a basement and a second stories.  Jackie's decorated it in a relaxed "American Family Adage" style, with lots of candles-and-flowers, pictures of their boys, cushions, and little mottoes in stylized typefaces.

Kevin has plans to re-landscape their back yard, with extra decking, and a garden on the south side.

Kevin was focused on his youngest son, Steven, about eight months.  Steven passed out about three-fourths of the way into our visit.

Later in the day, Mark and I lopped tree limbs from an as-of-yet-unidentified tree so that they wouldn't trail on his mother's house's roof or take out a gutter in the winter.
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