Saturday, August 12, 2017

Weird Ocean City Dreams

Monday, July 31

More weird dreams -- this time two families I know received interlocking furniture from a mystery benefactor.

One was a re-furbished airlines plane that was now a kind of fall-out shelter.  The outside was some dark, dull metal, but the inside was was slightly shinier.

The other was a flat wooden pallet which unfolded into a screen, dining table and chairs, and small front office.

In the second dream people kept leaving.  One friend and co-worker got promoted to a different module in the same company.  I was glad for him, but not exactly happy about it.

I was speaking to a former housemate in the dream, NK, who in this dream looked like a Sontaran.  He said, "I'm leaving, too."

"Oh," I said, "You've got a new job, too?"

"No," he said.  "I've got pneumonia, and..." he went on to list ten different conditions he was going to let himself die from.

I said I would talk with him, if he wanted, and he agreed.  Then I went back to my house -- which was a narrow plank with a bed mattress in the middle hanging over a vestibule -- and tried to reschedule a tarot reading with a client.

And the dream went on to something else involving a recycled sci-fi trope where plucky space people are hemmed in on top of a mountain (which is at the end of a dimensional tunnel) while evil space empire people send in five sets of assassins.  The one that could turn into a flat, pixelated crab and various types of bug eventually got eaten by a local lizard.
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