Sunday, August 13, 2017

Yard Work and Bocce

Sunday, August 6

I woke up after erotic dreams involving a tree house and somehow being late to provide technical support for The Child's school...

I padded around the house and made tea.  Mark's mother's house has various singing floorboards, which are good for honing early-morning ninja skills.

I'm sure I wrote something...

Sunday was a yard-work day, Mark and The Child mowed the lawn, and I pre-groomed it by raking up all the fallen twigs.  Then I spent some time with an edging tool cutting away the grown over sod from rectangular marble pavers running along the side of Mary's house.  I had a vague notion that I'd do the entire path, but the sod was thicker than I expected and I only really got about five done.

That evening was supposed to be a home karaoke night, but somehow that didn't happen.  The Frullaney Family (three generations) visited for dinner and bocce.  Team Opera Glasses (Carolyn and me) beat Team Stooges (Joe and The Child) by about three points.
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