Friday, May 13, 2016

Bad Air

Alas, there's something going on in the building I work in.  Intermittently, I'll smell a floral bouquet, and then taste a chemical on the side of my tongue.  On particularly bad days (only two since May 2), I'll get a headache at my temples and feel nauseated; those are usually the days when I want to rinse out my mouth with water.

Anyway,  I'm not the only one noticing whatever it is, but I think I'm the most sensitive.  I suspect some one is gluing together PVC piping near the building's air intake system or something involving MEK.  Or fingernail polish.

The folks at Environmental Health and Safety came by Wednesday afternoon with a sniffer box, which was apparently very loud, but they were unable to find anything.  

On the down side, I felt so crummy Wednesday from the fumes I skipped the gym.

Thursday I had several "Am I smelling something, or am I psyching myself out?" moments.  Followed by "Is the side of my tongue really tingling, or am I just super-focused on it right now" moments.  But there were no headaches or anything, for which I was grateful.

Writing:  Writing in the morning is not working out as well this year as it was last year.  I don't know if I'm more tired, the bed is softer, or what, but getting up is more of a struggle.  It's easier if I'm extra vigilant and set up the tea stuff and the manuscripts the night before.  It's easier if I go to bed before 9:30 (looks at floor).  It's easier in someways when I'm getting up to edit a final draft; although it can be harder if I'm tired of story and am beginning to loathe the characters.  I might have to resort to photo prompts or something.

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