Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family Blossoms

We join the dream in progress... it was a wandering the highways dream... something about someone crawling into a metal culvert and getting swept up in a snowy avalanche. And running from a big dinosaur. . .

A large contingent of my extended family from my Dad's side congregated at a hotel or a church -- we walked through a nice, carpeted hall to a conference room. I think it was night or late afternoon as lighting was dim.

The meeting room was fairly packed, and we squeezed around folding tables arranged in a square. For some reason, I was chairing our family meeting (I'm guessing that I'm splicing in a Shrewsbury or Wordos meeting, which I do chair, into a family gathering). There were some friends of my folks (mostly through the church) at the meeting standing in the corners.

I tried to start the meeting. I started to say, "We're here to discuss the Burridge-Miller Holiday Gathering..." when my Mom broke in and wanted to thank me. The next thing I know everyone's singing "Thank you, John" and a Very Tall Glass Vase of cherry blossoms is being passed to me. The blossoms were on branches about two feet long, and the vase, which was clear glass in swooping Art Deco style, was lit from below and within (it was the brightest thing in the room) so that white light shown upward onto the pink blossoms.

I thanked everyone for the flowers, then started the meeting. By pointing fingers, everyone elected my cousin Molly to be the hostess of the next family gathering.

[I'm going to guess that this dream is what happens when I spend way too much time trying to catch the magic light of the sunset in the branches of our backyard cherry and then go on to read various relative's Facebook entries. Don't know where the thank you came from... unless this is me reminding myself to thank Mark for cooking while I ran inside and outside and inside and outside with a camera...]
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