Friday, June 30, 2017

Little Routines

On the gym front, I suppose I should re-start logging my gym routine.  I've been fairly good about going something like Monday-Friday-Sunday... Sort of.   I think actually reporting it will keep me a little more honest, so...

Thursday:  Went to the gym:  10 minutes and 150 cal on the cable rowing machine.  3x13x60lbs on the pec fly (I feel like I could go up to 70 lbs).  3x13x80lbs on the lat pull-down (a recent increase).  3x13 hanging curls on the Roman Chair (with some side pikes thrown in for fun).  3x12x40lbs bar-bell curls.  Some assorted free weights.

Writing:  The pollen count here has been really bad, so The Family has been taking two- and three-day trips to the coast.  This has been good for writing... but never quite as good as I hope it will be.

I got a rejection Wednesday night and it really bugged me more that it should have -- the market is one of the 25 hardest market to break into, and... it still bugged me because I thought the market and my writing style were a good fit (unlike another market I could name...).

I spoke with a writer friend about finishing stories and she said, A) try to trick your inner editor by putting someone else's name on the by-line, B) write more than one ending / write a bad ending and then go back and fix it, C) mwah-ha-ha! you've got some unfinished stories?  You should see the stack of 'em at my house.

I did go back to one manuscript I'd stopped working on last winter; I can see one problem is that I put too many elements into a short story, and simplifying by taking out the un-needed ghost will help.   The prose is actually not bad, or at least not hopeless.   Now I just have to polish up the ending.

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