Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pointy Furniture

I had a dream over the weekend, but the only thing I remember was that I was trying to balance a marble on a table-top that was tipping up and down because someone was underneath it.

On the writing front... not much actual writing.  I've had a very heavy critique load this week, so I've been reading six manuscripts (some of them very long).  I moved my chair and mobile desk around so that the desk and the end table it sits on aren't jutting out into the middle of the living room.  My chair is in a corner, underneath a hook we hang things off of; currently, it's a decorative copper bowl (now dubbed "The Bowl of Damocles"), but in the past we've hung a decorative but sharp brass lamp cover from India or Pakistan or where-ever it was my parents got it when they were traveling overseas in the 1960's.  Since I really don't want to write while sitting underneath a metal spike, I think we'll hang that particular object d'art somewhere else.  I arranged a throw rug over the desk, so it looks much less martial;  I will have to go to the Episcopal Thrift Shop and find a suitable altar cloth.

I've also had two less-than-thirty-six-hour rejections.  So. Yay?

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