Monday, April 04, 2016

Hero of What?

Dreams:  The last few nights I have had unpleasant / banal / sexy  dreams I won't report.

Writing:  Going slowly. 

Working Out:  Well... I did go with the Family to Get Air, a local trampoline gym, and jumped around off-and-on for about an hour  I think I managed to pace things so I'm not too sore (fingers crossed, it seems to be working so far).  I'm also more toned in general the last time I bounced for a half-hour straight pretending to be Linda Carter in her role as Wonder Woman, so my pectorals aren't tender from bouncing up-and-down.  

Lately, I've been reading Joseph Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces."  The Hero's Journey keeps coming up in various writers' circles, and it comes up in spirituality circles, too, so I thought I'd give it a try.   I'm reading a third edition; even so, it's a piece firmly grounded in the 1950's, so it feels hetero-normative, and quaintly Occidental.   Dreams and myths are treated as private and public versions of the same thing, which justifies a Freudian interpretation of myths and legends.  There's a Frazierian tendency to make every story the same underneath a local cultural veneer.   There's a curious split between male and female, mastery and object to be mastered, and ego, superego and id.

I wish Campbell would talk about the Minotaur as a reconciliation between the light and dark selves.  I wish Campbell could go beyond the patriarchal roles of Hero-King and Conquered-Queen-Prize.  And while there is something to be said about Freud, and people's tendency to date their parents, it would be nice to hear the stories told from a woman's or a queer man's point of view.  I'd be interested in hearing stories where there isn't a wise mentor showing up to herd the hero to his destiny, and he has to figure out where that stupid gateway between the worlds is on his own.

More Working Out:  The tops of my legs are a little sore from yesterday's sideways pikes on the trampoline; but I can walk.  Actually went to the gym and eased into things.  200 calories in 21 minutes on the elliptical.  70 or so calories in 10 minutes on the rowing machine.  3x8 dips and chins, starting at the maximal assist and slowly working up.  And... as I'd suspected, I've gained about two pounds in the four-something weeks I haven't been at the gym.
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