Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dream: Rainbow Moon

Dreams:  I don't recall exactly where I was, but Mark and I and a group of folks were walking up a slight incline outside.  We looked to our left as we climbed, and over a river there was a dark desert or scrub-land.  The land was dark because there were thick, heavy storm clouds over it.  Our side of the river was less cloudy, and the sun shining on the sudden rains over the desert created an intense rainbow.

"Wow, I said, "It's a double-- no it's a triple rainbow!"  The rainfall grew thicker, though none of it fell on us, and the rainbows got brighter and more expansive.  "Whoa!  Four, five..." we counted the secondary rainbows appearing above and beneath the primary, "...eleven, twelve, thirteen!"  The last rainbow was actually a small circle in the sky surrounding a full moon.  It was the coolest thing I've ever seen, and yes, in real life you can't have a rainbow surrounding a full moon because the moon and the sun wont be in the sky at the same time unless they're on opposite sides of the horizon at dusk or dawn... but this dream moon was fairly high in the sky.

There was a break, and I was flying (and possibly naked?) really quickly to get home to pack or something.  Home in this case was, I think, the old rental on Adams street.

Then there was another break, and I was at Arcosanti.  Only I was getting my stuff to leave, and I was going to drive away.  I'm thinking K.C. was there (I'd critiqued a manuscript of hers), and a mix of people.  I wanted to leave soon so I could get to Nevada (?) before it was too late (it takes about three days to drive from Arcosanti, in central Arizona, to the middle Willamette Valley in Western Oregon).  
I'd found some old books and other things I'd left behind, and I was gathering them to take back with me.  A bunch of us went into the valley below Arcosanti and were hanging out in a tower.  (This is the second Arcosanti with a Tower dream I've had this week.)  The tower was mostly plywood covered with burlap or grain.  I asked Mary Hoadley about the covering and it helped to increase the humidity to comfortable levels.

P.K. appeared, much to my surprise.  She said, "Oh, I'm really into teen counselling, and I'm moving here." This was some kind of second career that was news to me, as I though she was retiring from her job with the OSU aquarium.   I told her about my dream and was re-enacting it, and she started to take pictures, and I'd somehow reminded her to take pictures into and out of the sun "See, this way the photo is red, but this other way it's blue."  

She was going back to Oregon, and wondered if I could go with her, but she was going to stay a lot later.  I weighed the merits of travelling early alone, or travelling much later with company and reluctantly decied to go later.

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