Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Strange Dreams

Lately my dreams have been more memorable and vivid, and I should make an attempt to wrtie them down.

In the one Monday morning, I started out as a re-enactor in a Roman campaign or documentary.  As the dream progressed it became more like I was flipping back and forth between two alternate realities; one where I was a Roman centurion arrayed for a battle along a river, and another where I was house-sitting for my parents and helping one of their (non-reality-based) older neighbors.  

As a Roman, I remember wading through a river and we had a convict or slave or captured soldier tied up in a small boat/canoe that we were going to sacrifice to Mars (or something).  There was a scene where we had children in our ranks, and there were three squads of them playing horns:  the oldest did a proper "it's time to sleep" horn call, the next, kids around eight, did a simplified version.  I forget what the third squad did.  I remember being given permission to go on leave, and I did, but somehow I knew that we had our marching orders, so I was dragging out returning as much as I could. 

I'm thinking the house-sitting segments of the dream happened when I was "off site" from the Roman campaign.  As the dream progressed, the re-enactment parts became more real and less acting.  At one point I remember telling her (the neighbor) that I would get back to her (she was moving or packing out of her largish house) but that if I got my marching orders, I'd be unavailable. 

Tuesday morning.  I remember I was in a medieval setting.  I want to say I was a minstrel or a Robin Hood figure.  There was a very large castle set on top of a craggy green hill.  The recall isn't so good on this dream.  There was a Queen in White, who wanted to support her Lord, but he wasn't very nice.  There was a Young Princess of the Meadow, who was the love interest in the dream.  There was a older Tyranical King, who wanted to lock me (the Minstrel) up but I'm not sure if it was because the Princess was going to marry me or someone else I was helping, or because I was really the ruler of the Land and he only ruled the Castle.  There was a lot of musical numbers, with me singing to the Princess in the wooded meadow below the hill... and there was a scene climbing up the outside of the castle in order to hide among the chimneys (?from the King?).  

Then it turned into a trying to walk through a labyrinthine neighborhood dream (or possibly a college campus), only I could fly.  This did not stop me from accidentally trespassing into somebody's yard while they were trying to trim trees or build a bridge between two stone arch things while they worked from three ladders lashed together.

Wednesday morning.  All I remember was that I was at an outdoor craft faire, which may or may not have been renaissance themed.  There was an awkward extended family problem, like someone's great-uncle had died, or someone's young little-girl cousin was having Issues, or something (I suspect the soap-opera family relations from Agents of SHIELD affected my dreams.)  I was flirting with someone, and what really sticks out from this dream was that he touched the back of my hand (maybe the cat wanted something and was batting my hand?).

Working Out:  Tuesday.  200 cal in just under 20 minutes on the rowing machine.  3x8 at 15, 14, 13 on the chin/dip assist.  3x12x50lbs on the pec fly.  3x12x80lbs on the lat pull-down.  3x13 curls.  2x12x12lbs  overhead triceps curls
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