Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Leviathan Dreams

Today's dream word is "leviathan."  I'd been dreaming a while, but all I remember was that I had been a very large ocean going vessel, but now I was back in my human body and it was a very small thing swimming in a very large ocean.

I slept oddly Monday night / Tuesday morning.  I think the cat must have knocked something over, because I shot awake to the sound of a Lego falling and tinking on the hardwood floor.  Then I laid in bed, trying to hear any sounds of creaking floors over the sounds of fans and Mark breathing and the cat scampering around in that evil-gravity-controlling way that lets one cat  sound like a herd of elephants.

The room was hot; so I grabbed my pajama bottoms, a bolster, and stumbled out to look at the moonlight shining through the kitchen windows while the dream word "leviathan" echoed in my head.

I thought about writing, but I had a feeling that would really mess up my sleep cycle and make me a walking zombie all day, so I instead told myself I was going to just think about things in that 17th century middle-of-the-night pre-electric-light meditation kind of way, and managed to sort of hover-sleep in a way that was surprisingly restful.  

OK, I did have to force myself to get up at 5:50 to make tea and start writing... but I did manage to (after a bit of gearing up to it) work on the beginning of the owl god short story I'm editing right now.

Working Out:  Went to the gym Monday night.  Managed to get Brian to change the channel from the housing channel (I can only watch so much rich white people buying expensive houses) to Gilligan's Island reruns -- I really wanted a Science Channel, but the closest science show was "Pawn Stars."  180  cal on the elipical in 20 minutes.  120 cal on the rowing machine in 12 minutes.  plus the usual chin-up dip assists on the upstairs equipment.  Downstairs 40 lbs on the pec fly.  80 lbs on the lat pulldown.  curl-ups.  30 lbs barbell curls.  
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