Saturday, July 25, 2015

More Ankh Goodness

 The ankh saga continues...  since I had an SVG file created by Inkscape (see yesterday's post), that meant I could import it into Blender, turn the vectors into a manifest mesh, and then render the design as a 3-D object.

After fiddling around with the ankh, a white light and a blue light, and various planes, I came up with some designs that look like they should be on the cover of a 1980's ambient synthesizer band's album.

The images I liked the most had a white light behind the ankh to back-light it and a blue light just above the ankh in order to cast blue anti-shadows onto the plane behind.  I got different shadow effects by moving the backdrop farther or closer to the ankh.

I like the first image because the blue light behind makes the ankh look like it is descending from space, or like there's some mystic teleportation going on.

For the second image, I moved the blue light so it was in the junction of the vertical and horizontal openings in the ankh.  I like this one because the light is implying a second ankh behind or somehow extending out of the solid one.  It does look a little like a sword hilt, though.

The third image has some hour-glass suggestions going on in the background.   It's a little distracting, and makes the ankh look a little like a tattoo on some woman's mid-drift.  I placed the blue light at the base of the ankh, so there's a saturation of blue there.  There's also the teleportation ray going on, too.  I think I might crop this so that it's square.

The fourth is one of my favorites because it looks like the ankh is being put into a box made out of the sky.

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