Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Update

Friday I was in a Reddit interview, an AMA or "Ask Me Anything" about leading critique groups.  I've never used Reddit before, because it seemed like one more internet distraction, although I know some writers who use it for research, networking, and fun.  Reddit brought me back to my USENET days.  It was interesting and retro at the same time.   I'd say it was successful.  I'm not sure how many lurkers there were; most of the questions came from about the same four people.

This weekend was generally laid back.  I had a bad headache Saturday.  Mark thinks I should keep a headache journal.  I'm going to guess that this one was a combination of sitting at a computer funny, sleeping funny, and not working out since Wednesday (or was that Tuesday?)

Sunday the sun came out and I was tired.  I decided that I'd spend a minimum of time on electronic things and read.  So I chose a book in the stack I have from the library and read Orson Scott Card's "Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction," wherein I re-discovered the MICE (Milieu, Idea, Character, Event) Quotient (I'd first heard this concept at an OryCon panel with Mary Robinette Kowal and David Lavine, and I'd forgotten that OSC wrote about it in 1990).  

True Confession Time:  The rest of the family has been playing Clash of Clans, so I finally took the plunge and started, too.  I wish there was a web-interface for it so I could play on a large screen instead of a mobile, but it's a mobile-based game.   And... gee, it's built to be a time-sink.

Workout:  Monday I did 180 calories in 14 minutes, with a cruising speed of about 720 cal / hour.  I think I've pulled something in my right arm just below my elbow.  No reverse barbell lifts for me (not that I do them).  Mostly I do a lot of the free weights in the ten to fifteen pound range, so I think it's nothing serious.  I suspect that I might have pulled something when I was doing the row machine, and I'll have to be careful to build up to those moments where I'm at 1100 cla / hour instead of plunging into them.

Writing:  I've been plugging away at a fantasy story for Sword and Sorceress.  Considering the reading period opens in a few days, I need to get a move on it.  I've been revisiting other pieces as well.  I should add critique of three pieces, and an evaluation of a jury piece set.
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