Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Writing, Workouts, and Dreams (Sort Of)

Mark has been away, so it's me and The Child.  And the Cat.

Workouts:  Between various bodily things, I haven't made it to the gym as much as I should.  The latest diagnosis is that I've pulled a fan-shaped set of muscles in my side, probably from a rotational exercise I do with the weights on strings.  This is on top of whatever is making me effervescent.  I'm going to do some free weight stuff this afternoon, and I think the rowing machine should be okay to use because it's just bending, not twisting.

Writing:  I was stressing out about the story I was originally going to send to Queers Destroy Science Fiction.  I realized I was going to rush it, and found a humorous science fiction piece that's been making the rounds (and which I haven't sent, yet).   I'm working on another piece for On The Premises, which is about three-fourths of the way done.  I'm been chipping away at it for the last few days.

From a few days ago:  One of the writing questions on my mind -- when I haven't been scrambling to try to do a major re-write -- is how to navigate the boundaries between writing what you like, writing to spec, and trying to write to a market.

"Read past issues to get an idea what kind of stories we publish" is a common instruction.   "Don't try to write what's 'hot'" is another.

Dreams:  I should have written the last two dreams down, because they were weird and visual, in a Technicolor Light At The End of The Tunnel kind of way.  They've also been about people I know in real life transposed as other people I know in real life.   I was sort of hoping that I would dream about the current story I'm working on.  Oh well.
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