Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why, You Might Be Selling Tribbles,Too

Let's see... things have gotten busier.

Writing:  The manuscript I thought was kind of ready is kind of broken.  Once again, John succumbs to pretty images, cool world building, and snappy dialog at the expense of characters with shallow, confusing motivation.  Oh, and a focus on the wrong details.  Anyway, I've got a few days to re-work the story so it's good enough to send in to Queers Destroy Science Fiction.  Luckily, Scrivener makes it easier to wade through the broken parts and keep the working parts.

Working-out.  I actually went for a mini-workout Monday night.  My stupid body has been bugging me the last week and a half, so I had been not going to the gym.  My doctor thinks I have a food allergy, the only thing I can think of is that it might be raisins.  In any case, since this seems not to be my liver or my kidneys, and I just turned fifty, I get to have a colonoscopy sooner rather than next fall.

On The Child front, this morning we had a fun moment on the way to school.

J:  (In William Shatner voice):  Why. Can't.  The English.  Teach.  Their.  Children.  How.  To Speak."
A:  Why are you singing that like Captain Kirk?
J:  I thought you wondered what "My Fair Lady Meets Star Trek" would sound like.
A:  I said, "Star Wars."
J:  Oh.  But it would still be funny.  (As William Shatner) "If you. Spock. Spoke.  The way.  She does.  Instead. Of. The way. You do.  Why, you might be. Selling.  Flowers.  Too."  (Dang, I should have said, "tribbles".)
A:  (Using Leonard Nimoy voice):   I fail to see the logic in your argument.
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