Wednesday, February 04, 2015


I managed to get a two-volume copy of the OED.  It was a bargain!  It's got a little magnifying glass and everything (which is good, as the typeface is something like 5).  I've wanted one since about 2000, when I used to read the one the UO English Department had on a lectern in the Booth Lounge (it's gone somewhere, probably shelved).  What I loved about the OED was that you could read the history of words, and the contaminant learning from going on to the next entry was addictive.  OK, and the magnifying glass is fun,too.

"The Effervescence" is not quite as bad today as it was yesterday; at least I no longer feel as if a cowboy boot is nudging my right ovary.  I'm trying to decide if it will keep me from the gym today or not.   I haven't been since last Wednesday, and I hate it when I loose ground because I've only gone once a week.  I'm thinking this is part of the aging processes, and I'm not amused.

I guess I'll have to look up the word gerontology.
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