Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On Erotica

Monday.  The other week I had a dream that dipped into the erotic.  When I woke, I realized that the image went well with a writing prompt and I felt like I had to write it.  So now I'm writing erotica and I'm slightly embarressed.  The difficulty is that I want it to function both as an idea piece and as erotica, but I don't want to write a smutty wham-bam-thank-you-sam piece.  That and Moon Unit Zappa is reprising her part in Valley Girl as I write:  "Are you into S and M?  Ohmigod!  Hurt me, hurt me.  I am so sure."   I'm definately using a pen name for this one.

Word Count:  300 words in a half hour.



And now I'm in the "Why Is It Important to Write This, Again?" stage.  Because my id presented me with an image that just happens to work with a word-prompt?   It's embarrassing, in a "OMG, I can't believe I'm writing this," way conjoined with "ugh, people are going to think I'm a pervert."   Or is pervy the new normal.  Should I treasure the imagery in the silent sanctuary of my heart, or share it?   Is this fan-fic / Fifty Shades of Gay?

And extrapolating my characters into the scene ... well, let's just say it's harder for to write a kinky scene than a vanilla scene or even a killing the monster scene because I feel so self conscious or because I start laughing.

I"m thinking if all this squirmy angst is from a 1000 word contest, then I'm tapping into something.

Word Count:  460 words in an hour, plus some editing.
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