Thursday, October 30, 2014

Late October Rejection

Probably not the best writing session this morning, for various early-morning reasons.  I made the mistake of checking my e-mail before wrting, and sitting in my inbox was a story rejection.  While I appreciate the slush reader took some time to give feedback, at 5:30 before tea it came across as one of the more harsh critiques I've ever received.  Three hours and two cups of tea later, it's not quite so harsh, and I'm consoling myself with the recollection that previous feedback I've gotten from other slush readers was much more encouraging.  Luck of the slush pile, I guess--and I should do a quick re-read for any obvious confusing parts.  

And... yeah.... rejections like this can make me wonder if I'm a mediocre writer who will always struggle to be a B-list author.  An old B-list author.  I think it's time to sing "Smelly Cat" now. 

Word-count:  350 words in 80 minutes.  Plus some editing.  On the plus side, the story (a ghost story based on a photo prompt) has gone from a Very Very Rough Draft to a Very Rough Draft.

Work-out:  Still recovering from whatever GI-track thing is going on.  I will need to do some at-home weight maintenance stuff before my muscles turn to jelly.

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