Thursday, October 23, 2014

Journal: Oct 23 Writing.

Enchanté.  This morning's writing session was not the best.  I did get out of bed at (I think) 5:15, but I must have gotten the wrong amount of sleep, becuase I wasn't very awake.  I think I was typing by 5:30, but I was in a "I'm trying to write, but nothing's happening," space, so I transcribed a dream instead.  I'm not sure why I would be singing the last lines of "Eleanor Rigby" with a grumpy-but-nice 1970's sit-com type of dad while we climbed the grass-tuffed dunes surrounding his coastal home, but at least I was flying.   And then external distractions happened.  600 words, probably 250 of which were actual useful short story ones.

Work-out:  Did about 130 calories on the rowing machine in 13 minutes.  I'm continuing attempts to use the free-weights and an articulated work station with adjustable arms, which allows for some across-the-body motions which I think will be good for my lateral muscle groups.  Based on reactions at home, I'd say this whole clinking weights thing is working out nicely.

Today's the partial solar eclipse, but it looks like it's also the first Real Autumnal Rain, so I doubt it will be visible.  

Later... the rains obscured the sky, so no eclipse for us.  Got about 90 minutes worth of critiquing in and about 30 minutes of editing.

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