Friday, September 05, 2014

Writing Journal

At some point, Mark got up and let Smokey out of the house (I'm not sure if he was tossed out or not), and I had mostly uninterupted sleep.   Managed to get up at 5:05AM.  I dreamed ... something, but I can't recall it other than it was more pleasant that the previous night's dream.  I'll need to keep a pad and pencil handy since it seems my recall has gotten out of practice.

About 700 new unedited words for a photo prompt story in about an hour's time, bringing the total to a little over 1400 words of a Very Very Rough Draft.   And a very open outline.

On the time management front, the little app I downloaded is nice, but the free version only allows for tracking two projects... which makes it good for tracking generic things, like writing or critiquing; but not so good for tracking many projects.  You get what you pay for.. and I will look around see about maybe just using a log book (which I bought a while back for tracking writing anyway).  

On the fitness front, I'm trying to decide if my right shoulder is simply tight or if my deltoid or my tricept or whatever that tendon running over the top of the scapula is called is stressed.  The gym seems nice, although I almost did have to run screaming from the place when the stero started playing Rod Stewart.  That's really the only downside of the place: inscessant 60's and 70's music.  One of these days I'm going to get in trouble because someone's going to ask me to stop singing along or else a particularly funny song is going to come on (like yesterday) and I'll have to keep from laughting so hard that I drop a free weight on my foot.

However, about six or seven weeks into the whole clinking weights thing, I'm (and more importantly, Mark is) seeing results in terms of increased muscle mass.  I'm still waiting for my metabolism to point out to my muscles that there's this little resovoir of paunch that it needs to consume, and I have a feeling that it would disappear more quickly if I drank more water and less soda.
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