Saturday, September 06, 2014

Work Journal


Christmas holiday craft project:  3 hours.  Finished up design in Inkscape, imported it into Blender, tweaked it into 3 dimensions, then exported it to Shapeways.  Had to tweak and re-tweak the design to thicken walls and make the object 4 inches across -- but still, as an object, the $17.00 price tag to produce it kind of makes it prohibitively expensive.  I'd secretly planned to maybe sell these things in the Holiday Market, but the mark-up would probably price me out of any sales.  I'm beginning to understand why most of the decorations I'm seeing are made out of very thin plastic instead of ceramic material.   I might be able to bump the price down to $10 or lower by embossing instead of having raised ridges.

Mark has voice his opinion on spending lots of money to 3D print pretty useless things on Shapeways.... so I might have to be satisfied with porting the design to a paper cutter and having a papercraft gift.

Writing:  30 minutes and about 350 words. 

Work-out:  About an hour.   Did the row machine (170 cal / 15 mintus) and various upper body machines.  My trapiziod muscles and upper right shoulder are twitchy, so I was extra careful with the things that used deltoids.


More writing:  90 minutes and 1150 words.  Very rough stuff.  Now onto editing.
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