Saturday, September 20, 2014

Journal: Wishing For Eternal Night

Saturday morning.  Earlier, as I was brewing my tea, I took a long look at the crescent moon as it sailed under Jupiter.  I'm going to miss the bright morning skies in a few weeks when the much needed rain returns.  At 5 AM, the city is so quiet and the sky is so bright with stars (and the moon), I wish that I could work underneath them all the time (even if the LED candle doesn't quite provide enough light to see the keyboard).  

Now, I'm ensconced in my writer's closet ... kind of not writing, but gearing up for it.  Darkspore, the music track, is drowning out the sounds of Stampycat Longnose and various Minecraft Shenanigans.  I've got tea, and there's enough glow from the borrowed night light (I think today's quest is for working light-bulbs for the non-working lights) to read the notes I scribbled on a manuscript to be able to transcribe them.

The other task I should do is sand the edge of the desk I installed in the writing closet some time ago.  It's sort of sharp and splintery and makes my wrists itch.

I did manage to get some very light editing in in the window of time that I had before the family (and guest) woke up.  Looking at the manuscript, there's a bit of walking (actually, an escape) to the plot (which is the result of the escape), and I'm wondering if this is two stories.  I mostly like it, and it still needs something to make it shine.

Project:  OTP Challenge
Word Count: Editing (tightening and cleaning up staging) and maybe 200 new words in about 2.5 hours.  Current MN WC is ~2500.

I'm a little sore from yesterday's workout; feeling stiff in my feet and hands.  I'm probably at the point where I should increase the weight on a few of the things that I do, because it feels like my body has gotten used to the lateral pull-down, the free dumbbell, and the sort of horizontal bench-press machine.

I had another older lady telling me something dream.  This time it was Aunt Margot, but I don't recall much beyond dreaming that we'd had some sort of conversation.  This is probably a reminder to send her a picture of the jade plant cutting she gave us a few months ago.

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