Friday, September 26, 2014

Journal: Sept 26, 2014

Project:  OTP "Property" Challenge
WD:  560 words in about 60 minutes.

Very tired this morning.  I channeled my inner Alethea Kontis and forced myself to write.  OK.  So, I didn't actually have my butt in a chair and I wasn't exactly at a desk; I was propped up on the couch and my eyes were closed some of the time, but I managed to keep my focus going and write words.  I'm going to have to finish this manuscript this weekend, because the deadline is looming.  

Workout:  160 calories in about 12 minutes plus weight clinking.  I'm trying to find a good triceps workout that doesn't make the tendon stretching through the outside my elbow joint feel strange, but so far the suggestions haven't worked or I'm doing them wrong.  Otherwise, my Wicked Plan to Look Good Naked (And Conquer the World!) appears to be (mostly) on track -- the hard part is eating less junk food so the spare tire around my middle melts away.
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