Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Journal: First Day of Autumn

It's the first full day of Autumn.  It was supposed to rain, but I don't think it has here.  The last two mornings have been grey and cool, and while the leaves are turning red and yellow, many trees are still green.

Project: OTP "Property" Challenge
Word Count:  about 500 new words and some editing in 90 minutes.  The ending really needs work.  I tried to imagine the characters speaking with each other just before I went to bed, with the hope that I might dream their situation, but I had different dreams instead.

Workout:  0 -- wasn't sure what was going on with my shoulder, so I skipped the gym.   After talking with Mark, we're pretty sure that I overdid some building in Minecraft: our desktop has terrible ergonomics and I got focused on the initial foundation of a Hanging Garden of Babylon. 

In the dream department, I had some kind of traveling dream.  It wasn't too unpleasant, as the theme wasn't being lost or missing mass transit.  At one point it was the winter holidays, and I was speaking to my Grandmother Agnes (who hasn't been alive for several years) about what flowers were blooming in the snow.   The conversation started out fine, but gradually petered out and I have a sense that either the phone connection had gone out or she had put down the phone.  

This would be the fifth Talking with an Older Lady dream I've had in a row.  I'm not sure if this one is part of the same sequence, as I was doing most of the speaking.  Maybe my earlier interpretation of what the dream meant was premature.  
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