Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Festival and Old Friends

Over the weekend we went to the Fall Festival in Corvallis.  It's a two day craft fair where folks sell paintings, hats, ceramics, jewelry, kaleidoscopes, and women's hemp apparel.  It's very much like the Eugene Saturday Market, only with less (and cleaner) hippies and almost no tie-dye.

Near the end of our visit, I was looking at a man when something clicked in my head and I realized that I was looking at an old high school friend I hadn't seen since 1996.  It was kind of odd because when I think about him, I see the high school kid.   I'd seen him with a beard (I think he grew one for a production of "The Crucible.") but the one he had now was fuller and lighter.    I said his name and he turned and I introduced myself; it took him a second to recognize me, I think (I've always had longish hair, but my beard may have been new to him, and I'm definitely much grayer than I was even ten years ago).

His wife--they got married in 1984, I think--was shopping near-by, and we all started talking about other high-school friends, and how they've demolished the old high school and what people were doing.  M is still a grass seed farmer, but he's expanded to squash; T doesn't play the violin as much as she used to, but her daughter performs harp at the U of O.  

At one point, T commented that I had the same mannerisms that I did in school.  I'll take that as a compliment.   I introduced them to Mark and Arthur, and then it was time to leave the Fall Festival.  

Project:  OTP "Property" Challenge.  Polishing.  It's mostly done.  I should print out a paper copy for stupid typos and trim back mercilessly.

Weight-training (Monday):  120 calories in 10 minutes.  I got out of work late (first day of classes), and so I had to cut a few corners clinking weights.  

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