Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dream: The Old Woman Lectures

I dreamed I was going to a convention to hear an older woman speak.  (In waking life, I think she was an amalgam of Ursula K Le Guin and Kate Wilhelm).  I had A with me, and also the family cat, who was an amalgam of Machka (I love you/I slash you) and Smokey (I love you/I wash you).

The convention took place in a Hilton or a DoubleTree or possibly the MacDonald Theatre in downtown Eugene.  I remember there were some carpeted stairs we had to climb, and some glass doors we had to go through.  There was a huge crowd of (mostly, I think) women there to hear the Older Woman speak.  She was seated on a kind of round davenport or sofa, which may or may not have been on a stage.

At one point going up the stairs and through the glass doors, A and I got separated in the crowd and I had to turn back and find him (he was upset).  Then Machka/Smokey saw a mouse in the theatre, and promptly raced off to catch it.   I had to go back to the lobby to catch the cat, who was racing around in large circles.  Eventually, by placing myself on whatever path the cat was zooming on, I was able to have the cat smash into me.

I went back into the lecture hall / theatre.  The Older Woman was with two or three other Old Women getting a back massage, and I was trying to have a conversation with her, but I didn't want to sit on the circular bed she was on, because that would have made her twist on the mattress and disturbed the massage

At some point, the dream shifted to a kind of Muppet Movie.  All I really remember about it it is that the Bad Boss was named Ludo, and that I had to revive a teen aged character (who apparently was just a floating head) by putting on white Obi-Wan Kenobi robes and saying, "I am your father; search your feelings, you know it to be true.  Dress in saggy pants.  Get a tattoo.   And date that tramp of a girlfriend."  This energized the lad enough that he levitated out of the chair he was sulking in, which enabled another character to iron his brain, which was a CD.

This is the third night in a row that I've dreamed Older Women Telling Me Something.  This is a new dream development, and I've yet to figure what this symbol is trying to tell me.  I will have to pull out The Empress or the Hermit out of my tarot deck before I got to sleep and ask it to tell me what the Older Woman wants.
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