Sunday, April 27, 2014

Predator and Prey?

Scene: A late Sunday afternoon.  The sun shines.  Smokey the cat is in a hunting delirium because the grey jays have a nest in the camellia and there are four baby jays in the nest.  Father jay has previously dive bombed Smokey off of the yard's fort (and baby jay viewing platform).

Father Jay (hopping from power line to patio cover):  "Hey! Hey! The cat's here!"

John (opening sliding door and sticking head out):  "Smokey?"

Smokey (under the deck):  "Closer..."

Father Jay (hopping from patio cover to fort ladder): "Hey! Hey! Cat! Over here!"

John (stepping out onto deck):  "I don't see a Smokey."

Smokey (under the deck):  "Closer... closer..."

Father Jay (swooping over to catnip plant pot):  "Cat! Hey! Hey! Cat!"

John (laying down on deck, sticks head over side, looks under deck next to house):  "There's no Smokey here..."

Smokey (under the deck):  "Just. A. Little. Closer..."

Father Jay (jumping onto clothes line spool):  "Hey!  The cat's here!  Hey!"

John (gets up, moves to the yard-side of deck):  "There's no Smoke--"

Smokey (springing like a cheetah from the Serengeti):  "Ha!  Bird, you're going -- OH!  (ears twist back) It's John." (tail droops, speed drops to a walk).

John (almost falls off deck laughing at the crestfallen feline look and wishing he had a video camera)
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