Monday, March 03, 2014

Celestial Meditations

Now that it's March, I'm thinking about the (blessed) increase in sunlight and the stations of the sun.  In symbolic terms, right now the influences of the sun and the moon are in increase.  The sun's between mid-winter and spring, which suggests to me a time for dissolving static, septic structures.  The mental image I have of this time is of names of people or situaions scratched onto river ice, which is melting so that the waters are free to flow again.   I'm thinking taking a break from Wordos counts (not that Wordos is particularly septic, but freeing up some time is helpful).

The moon's phase for me is about pausing for a moment for maintenance of systems which sustain.  (I'd call it "The Castilan in the Healer's House Moon;" next month would be "The Castilan in the Sower's House Moon".)  At least it is supposed to be in the arbitrary (eight house) system that I've come up with; but, as usual, instead of feeling mystic and like I'm having my batteries secretly energized by some comsic lunar current, I usuallly feel crabby and tired.

Starhawk has a suggested meditation, wherein you (silently) ask yourself, "Is the the food (or driknk) of life?" and see what the answer is.  It's a good bet that if I'd remembered to ask myself this question on Friday (which was a black mood day), I'd say the food and drink of life consisted entirely of chocolate, salt, caffeine and fat.  
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