Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Praise of Tea

 I went through some old photos of tea and scones.
 I love the ritual of tea, and it occurs to me that I should try formalizing when I make tea and little snacks for when I write or have family tea.
 I should try growing my own cucumbers this year.  That way I could have extra healthy "cucumber sandwiches" (the home-grown cucumbers would cancel out the cream cheese, right?).
 I love tea things. The only tea thing I'm missing is a tea cosy; which is too bad, because it means I have to zap cold tea in the microwave more often than I'd like.
 Sometimes when I have the house to myself, I'll make a big pot of Ceylon tea, put on a purple smoking jacket or kimono or other caftan-like garment and write.
And now I want an Art Deco frieze of "The God of Tea," with some burly, flowing haired, Zeus-like deity pouring a mighty steam of tea . . .
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