Monday, January 13, 2014

West Point Photos

 Over the Winter Break we went to West Point.  It was sort of like Hogwarts--especially the facade of the dorms--only martial.  I'd always thought of West Point as a kind of elite boot camp, but it's also a four-year college.
 I liked the statuary, artifacts and the architecture, at least on the things from the century starting 1770.
 OK, I liked some of the newer objects as well, but I wish that modern design wasn't so stark.
This was a monument to a Frenchman who helped out the colonial army.
 There were captured ordinances in the park.  This cannon was from a British ship.  This is the fuse, I think.  I took this shot because it shows the cannon's history and character in an artistic way.
A mortar.  West Point sits on a river; it's one of the few places where the Hudson River can be forded, and both sides have slopes instead of cliffs.  West Point had long views of the river in both directions, with cannons securing the strategic point.
 Even the place where you rope the cannon down has heraldic dolphins (or sea serpents) leaping out.

 Nike stands atop the Stations of the Civil War.
I liked the spheres around this monument.  Each sphere listed the dead at a key battle in the Civil War.

The lists of the fallen were delimited with down-turned torches.
Nike looks across the West Point field.  On the other side is General MacArthur.

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