Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Miller Pioneer Church

Well... it looks like Picasa is confused about which server to talk to.  In the meanwhile, here's some photos of the Miller Church.  I'm unsure of the precise relationship, but my Uncle Lionel was related to Richard Miller (who played a part in the Battle of Abiqua).

Yes.  It's propped up with rocks.  Aunt Margot told me that the door on the right was a later edition; at some point in the late 1800's, the style for coffins changed and they became too wide to fit through the original door.

This photo (and the following) were taken about seven years ago at a baptism held in the church.  (Let's see... that would be my first cousin twice removed...)

My Aunt Margot's family spend a lot of time maintaining the graves and the church.

I am unsure what the iconography of these stones are.  To me, it looks like a heavenly hand is shaking hands with an earthly hand and I wonder why the legend doesn't say "Until We Meet Again" instead of "Farewell." 

I like the dove on this marker.

I didn't get a photo of it, but my Uncle Lionel's grave marker is in the fir trees in the distance.

 Another hand, this time pointing Heavenward. 

I think this is supposed to be a weeping willow; I'm not sure if that's for remembrance or for sorrow.

Getting meta here:  the grave of Mr. Graves.

... and a cemetery wouldn't be complete without things that go bump in the night.

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