Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Craft Assembled

 I managed to get all of the Twelve Days of Christmas designs cut out on the craft shop's cutter-plotter.  Except the pipe for the 12 Pipers.  The week of snow and ice threw a monkey-wrench into my production schedule.

 I like the two turtledoves a lot.  This was the most quickly realized design; I sort of knew what I wanted to do and had Inkscape doing it in no time.  It translated to a cut-out nicely.

 After struggling forever with the four calling birds, I'm mostly pleased with how it came out.  The feet require that this be cut out of a six-inch square, otherwise the feet look like odd scratches in the paper (and the paper fibers are more likely to hang onto the design).

 Probably the family favorite.  Also simple to design and cut out.  What I like about this design is that it scales down on the cutter-plotter to a two-inch square.

 The Three French Hens.  I'm riding the boundary of resolution on the cutter plotter on this one, as evidenced by the wings.  As it was, I had to simplify the design about three times before I'd get something that wasn't a mangled mess.

Another family favorite.  Also scales down well.

 What the Goose, the Swan and the Partridge did was fool me into thinking I could do all of these easily.  The designs with people in them were much harder.

In terms of inducing feelings of being impressed with my own cleveness, I'd say the drum from the eleven drummers wins.  I could probably scale this one down to a four inch square, but it would be tricky going much smaller without running into problems with the blade catching on paper fibers and shredding the result.

As if I didn't already have too many designs to cut out and produce, I punched out a design with reindeer.  Three deer, cut out against a right triangle and then tri-folded.


Serendipitously, I discovered that three (or eight) of these put together made a wonderful centerpiece.

Add candles.

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