Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dream: Golden Raven

I was at an event like FaerieWorlds.  I have never been to FaerieWorlds, and in this dream it was very, very twee.  I remember someone asking me in a very earnest voice what my Elf Name was, and I sarcastically answered, "Lateral."  (In the same vein as something vaugly military-industrual complex sounding, like "Warhead.")

There was a shift, and then I was having a discussion with Mark Wyld about a project I was working on, a golden crow or raven.  The raven was gold, and flattened (in real life, I'm seeing how I could design this out of thick cardstock).  The design was taken from LeTene culture; the bird stood on a rectangular metal platform, probably bronze.  Two spoked metal wheels, about two to three inches in diameter, were at the front, and a third wheel was in the back.  The back wheel was the flywheel for a short crankshaft which connected to the golden raven's wings.  When the platform moved, the crankshaft moved a rod which made the wings flap.  

I had the sense that the golden raven wasn't finished, and Mark and I were having a MakerSpace style discussion, trying to figure out how to finish it.
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