Monday, October 07, 2013

Sunday Dragonflies

Yesterday it got up to eighty degrees.  A little too warm for me, but mostly nice.

Sometime in the late morning, a huge dragonfly came into our yard and patrolled around.  I'll have to look up what kind it was.  The body was blue, and its head and eyes were enormous.  It hovered around the glass table on our back deck, then slowly navigated around the patio furniture.   It nipped after a gnat, looped around the yard, and then navigated through the chairs again.  I was wearing my dragonfly T-shirt, so its appearance seemed meaningful.

I hoped it would stick around, and I put out a plate of water for it, but it was really one of those pond dragonflies and after a few more minutes it flew away.  I'm hoping maybe we will see it or another like it -- dragonflies are one of my favorite things, and this one was spectacular.   

Mark did notice our usual red dragonflies in the neighbor's dead forsythia.  By then it was afternoon, and they were holding still--I think so the birds wouldn't notice them.  I like them, too; sometimes on the right day, you can lie down on the back lawn and look up into the sky and see a whole fleet of them zipping around eathing mosquitoes or gnats or whatever it is they eat.  

I'll have to find my dragonfly guide and see if there are any plant suggestions in it.
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