Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Monday night I tried to find comet PANSTARRS, but I was unable to see even the star Alpheratz, in the constellation of Virgo, much less the comet. Part of the difficulty is that we were in the city. And then there's things like the houses in the neighborhood. I really though the comet would be up far enough to be able to be seen.

On the plus side, I did manage to see the moons of Jupiter and our own moon. Also, Smokey apparently was an astronomer in a past life, as he spent about an hour hanging out with me as I swung Mark's telescope around trying to see an interplanetary evaporating snowball.

The clear(-ish) sky Monday night meant the night was clear. But the clarity didn't last. Tuesday morning dawned cloudy with a threat of rain. It's amazing to me how much sunlight makes a difference in how I feel. Monday and much of the weekend was very sunny and bright. Tuesday is drizzly and grey--a good day for hot chocolate.

Tuesday night the Wordos were displaced for a concert. Some of us met at a local Market of Choice and we worked on various stories. I spent the time going over critiqued drafts and marking changes on a master draft. I still need to re-write the end of the story to give it more sparkle; it's flat and passive right now.
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