Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Updates

On the Blogging front: I still wanted to post about Smith Rock, but I haven't yet... Eastern Oregon last week was nice -- we managed to see Mercury over the Three Sisters.

The Blogger app I've been using seems to be losing entries that I leave in mid-edit. It's been a busy week, and I've been trying to blog between chores, errands, and other things. Oh well, on to ...

On the dreams front: I dreamed that our house was a larger than it really is. in the dream, we hadn't noticed that there was a much larger, highly peaked outer shell around the part of the house that we live in. Mark and I found a door that lead to a barn-like room. Lots of rough wooden beams and shadowy dark browns (In waking life, I'm reminded of the Eugene Bijou theatre, a converted church).

We thought it would be an excellent space to have a gathering, and the next thing I knew, there was a congregation of people. There was a professor type expounding on something (possibly Celtic culture, since I'm reading a archaeologic history book on Celts). The next thing I knew, we were shuffling in a kind of circle dance, singing and chanting something like "Dodie dodie, cu cu cu; dodie dodie, cu cu cu cu." (I remembered the words a little more clearly the other day, but I've lost that post).

Everyone but me and a youngish man, who was (un)dressed like a Faun, was circling clockwise. Mr. Faun was encouraging everyone to look into each others' eyes and I had the strongest feeling of being a stone in the middle of a small stream.

I guess I should look up "extra secret door in one's house." Usually when I dream about houses, they're someone else's or else they are (non-existant) family mansions (with a confusing number of oddly connected rooms).

In a different dream, my sister was keeping a pet sloth in a toilet. The poor thing was standing in the water and couldn't figure out how to get out of the bowl; its claws couldn't get a grip on the rim. I helped it out by giving it a wooden dowel to grab. Lately my sister has most definitely been doing dream time as a symbol, but I haven't figured that one out yet. At least the sloth wasn't a raccoon.

On the design front: I finally printed out a kind of shadow box for Julie's birthday. She's seen it over Skype, and now I need to mail it to her.

On the writing front: I submitted the re-write for a story that will appear in "On The Premises #19." The editors really like the world-building in the story. I'm glad that I found a home for it so quickly.

I've also put some finishing touches on a story I intend to submit to The Wordos. We'll see how it goes. I started writing it based on a photo of a partially submerged temple being visited by people in boats, so the manuscript has a strong milieu and idea-story feel to it.

I've also signed up for a one-day Clarion West workshop focusing on character development. I was looking at two of my short story sales, "Up" and "The Gear Master's Wife" and realized both main characters are flat-affect, late-20's men with recently dead family members. Since I don't want to fall into the dead-dogs-and-moms territory of Disney, I'm hoping the workshop will help expand my ability to write interesting characters.

I wish the workshop was in Eugene -- I'll easily spend twice as much time traveling to the workshop as I will participating in it. As soon as I receive confirmation that I'm in, I'll do a cost analysis on car versus train.

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