Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 June 25 - Saturday

Saturday was Wedding Day.

Mark has six siblings: Micheal, Melora, Matthew, Melissa, (Mark), Maria and Megan. Melora's son, Kevin, was getting married to (his now wife) Jackie. One of these days I should get some genealogy software and draw a picture of where all the aunts, uncles and cousins fit.

The wedding was fun. Since there were so many family members traveling from Mark's Mother's house, someone arranged a party bus. It had curving benches side-winding through its length and a big vertical chrome pole in the back. Yes, Mark and I both did about five seconds of pole dancing on the bus. Um, yes; there were drinks on the bus. And a music-driven light show. I think it was a good thing Mark was on the bus with his wedding invitation or the bus driver would have been totally lost.

There was pre-wedding discussion about the flavor of the minister, but based on my automatic responses to the service, I'm sure she was Episcopalian. The service was short. Jackie was a beautiful bride in a traditional white dress and demi-train. When Kevin, was saying, "For better of for worse," a golfer plunked a ball into the nearby lake.

The food was endless. The music was mostly fun -- there were times when I did wish the DJ would turn the volume down and talk less -- but there were stretches when the music made me dance. When the beat is fast and the words aren't too stupid dancing is what weaves the world.

Apparently there was an unofficial competition about who the best dancer was on the dance floor. My personal opinion was that of the three people who I thought were the best dancers on the floor, Joe F was the best couple dancer, the tall young woman in black was the best line dancer, and I was the best veil dancer. And everyone was slightly worried that I would throw my hips out (um, yeah; I did feel a little pull the next day across my left front hip).
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