Friday, July 08, 2011

2011 June 23 - Thursday

Woke up at 10 AM after minor dozes. Being nocturnally inclined plus being three time-zones east is a difficult thing. When we visit Mark's relatives in Suffern, it's way too easy for me to stay up late. Thus, it becomes way too easy for me to get up late.

There's cable TV here. We don't have a TV at home, much less cable. I tried to watch Game of Thrones and The Lightning Thief. I decided that Game of Thrones was going to be too edgy for me in terms of visuals, and that I'd enjoy the story more if I were reading it.

The Lightning Thief was cheesey and the Young Adult structure kept jumping out at me, especially the "I'm the female romantic interest, therefore, you must defeat me in armed combat" part. There was more parental angst than Bambi and about as many Greek warriors as Troy. What I found somewhat troubling was the teen-hero's dyslexia and ADD were explained as being a result of being hard-wired to be a Greek Demigod. Indigo Children, anyone?

After I turned off the TV, I edited a short story manuscript and thought about its structure. I'm tempted to cut out the first scene because it feels like a lump of exposition that the story has to drive to to get to the plot. I want to keep it because I don't want to confuse the readers.

Ate too many Klondike Bars.
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