Friday, September 03, 2010

NYC Greyhound Photo

Yesterday I was helping my Mother clean off her old computer. It reminded me that I have a lot of old photographs on various machines and, like many middle-Americans with digital cameras, I have a ton of photographs I should print out into an album (and, Mark would add, "Cull mercilessly."). As I was reviewing my photos, I ran across this one.

I like this photograph because A) it's a cool greyhound and griffin hybrid, B) it's in New York City near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and C) it's near a Maison du Chocolat. Seeing it also reminds me of our New York friend, Lime Green Larry, mostly because I seem to always call or text Larry when pass this particular gargoyle.

Strangely, although visits with Larry are often a feature of our New York City adventures, I think we've only visited with him in the MET once. And it occurs to me that I've been a neglectful friend, for though I'm sure that Larry knows how much I love the Egyptian and Near East wings, I only think Larry likes the Roman Marbles. And it's possible that he prefers the MOMA to the MET (I do know how much Larry loves Balducci's and Maison du Chocolate, so there's some hope.).

Time to reach for the phone....
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