Friday, February 05, 2010

Starlett and Moose

... we join the dream in progress, as the dreamer has been waking up every three minutes for the last hour...

It's the Muppet Show! With our very special guest star... I don't know who -- maybe Brooke Shields? She was tall, she had straight dark brown hair falling to her mid-back, and she wore a very revealing, red, push-up dress. (Pause to figure out where the phrase "You can show the fruit, but not the stems" fits into this dream and deciding that it's an earlier fragment ...) She obviously has breast implants.

Scene: The guest star dressing room. There's a desk in the center, with a kind of wicker bamboo couch next to the door. Because this is The Muppet Show, the wicker couch is also a lion (the bamboo canes move to make the lion's head). The guest star is talking with another Muppet -- this is a dream amalgam Muppet, probably voiced by Frank Oz. He's also tall and slender (kind of like Beaker, kind of like Gonzo), furry (like Ralph) and is a Moose.

Moose has come to Starlett's room to say "Hi," and to deal with the lion couch, which doesn't like being sat upon and keeps trying to eat Starlett's purse (I think). Moose and Starlett are former lovers, so there's that awkwardness.

Starlett: "Hi." (The camera angle is set from behind, below, and a little to her left; in other words, in such a way that the red scrap of cloth covering her torso looks like it's slipped in a Wardrobe Malfunction kind of way.)

Moose: "Hi. Um, I've come to fix the couch."

Starlett: "Oh. You've changed; it looks good."

Moose (staring straight at her breasts): "Uh, you, too."

The scene ends with Moose tripping over something and getting stuck in the lion couch.


It's a Muppet Show Music Video scene. Starlett and Moose are walking along the beach, leaning into each other in front of the sun. Scene of them floating in the reeds of an estuary and sunning on the banks. Mandatory Muppet "Lovers Running Towards Each Other From a Distance" scene, which is followed by, "Bandaged Up Lovers Riding a Side-by-side Bike Through the Cobblestone Streets of Some Quaint European Village" scene (I think there were also canes involved...). All the while some 1960's style big-band with saxophones, trumpets and a banjo is playing while Starlett whisper-sings a love song from a Ranklin-Bass Christmas special.

(and then I woke up for the twentieth time this morning and just got up...)
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