Friday, April 03, 2009

Dream 2009-04-03 Disjointed

I think the dream started with a Harry Potter trial. The room was full of dark wood carvings. I haven't read the books, I've only seen maybe two and a half movies. Somehow The (second) Master was playing the Snipe character; he was the prosecution, and one-by-one he called Harry, Hermione, Ron up to the stand. Using leading questions and subtle spells, he got them to look like they'd been involved in some sort of crime. The only thing I remember clearly is that he gave Ron a basketball and led him around (outside? to a stone alley?) -- the basketball had a spell on it, which compelled Ron to make a basket. This was somehow incriminating.


This might have still been in the Potter Universe. I was sitting next to a woman (Hermione? Susan Ivanova?) at an ice skate rink. I don't remember well, but someone from the rink came up to her (our seats were right at the edge of the ice), a spotlight shone down on them, and there was some sort of "I'll wait for you forever" exchange. All I remember was that this was The Most Romantic Scene I'd Ever Seen and so I had a Moulin Rouge reaction and was inconsolable for the next chunk of dream.


I didn't realize it at first, but the setting was Arcosanti. I was on a mesa setting up a tent. Or else I was on a platform made of two-foot long pipes. Or both. The camp where a bunch of us were sleeping was on a flat area. It was late afternoon and bright. And putting the tent together was complicated. At one point I was trying to snap two parts of the tent together, but I was mostly hanging off of the edge of the pipe derrick.

I was feeling a little anxious about the height and the parts I was on started to sway a little. Then I noticed a one-year-old crawling toward the edge. Between me shouting and various campers rushing forward, we saved her from tumbling over.

Somehow, the tent turned into a small car. My camping mate and I discovered (after sleeping in it for many days) that there was a roof release that popped up as a taller sleeping tent (like those old vans, only this was a Subaru or something).

Then the car/tent turned into the long narrow attic of a house. The setting seemed less Arcosanti-like and more generic college campus-like. My roommate was leaving, so our housemates were going to the cafeteria for a last meal. I was mildly sad.

There's a gap in my recall. A group of us were singing in a plaza, and somehow the waveforms of our voices were projected, screen saver like, onto the concrete walls of the area. Maybe because my voice was so low, I got the feeling that when I sang, instead of round spiral-graph patterns, I was making linear sin-wave patters.

Another gap... I found myself at some kind of fair, it felt like a state fair, but I was at a booth taking a career test. The job counselor running the booth was a skinny, thirty something man with a beard wearing a checkered flannel shirt. We were talking about why I liked computers and I said I liked computers because they helped me remember things, I liked to use them to find patterns, and I enjoyed demonstrating how I could make them work.

There's another recall gap. I think I'd lost the ability to fly. ?Heather Franek? was trying to help me, and Starhawk was admonishing me that it was my responsibility to eat right and not to force some woman into an unwanted role as my mother.
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