Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dream 2009-04-01:  Pirates!

Let's see... the only problem with writing down these dreams is that I'm waking up at about 4AM to remember them, but not actually getting out of bed to write them down.  So today's recall is a little muzzy.

I dreamt about a ring.  It was golden, with diamond chip pavé in triangular areas around it, sort of like a Zuni wedding band.  

There was also something about a sheet of ice.

And pirates.  We lived on a rocky outpost near the shore.  One day, a Really Big Pirate Ship sailed up to where we lived.   This was a Bad Thing.  I'm afraid I don't remember too much other than the woman who owned the inn on the outcropping was trying to make a deal with the head pirate (who turned out to be Don Lewis).  Her daughter was going to stay behind and run the inn, while the mother went on board as a kind of hostage -- but there was some sort of conflict of allegiances so that people were planning to double-cross everyone (I wish I could remember more, because it's the sort of thing that would make a good story).

As a part of somebody's plan (I was with the shore folk), I was swimming from the shore to the pirate ship and I had to negotiate around a Creature of the Black Lagoon Pirate who was also in the water.  
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