Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009-04-29 Dream:  Sanctuary Bees

New variation on the "I have a loose tooth" anxiety dream -- "I have mouth cancer." Not sure where that one came from, although I did get to fly into my dentist's third story office.

(recall gap)

Making a cameo apperance was a Seattle friend, Dario. I'm not sure why the dream was set in Salem, but Dario had driven his white convertable ?Jaguar? (which I think he only owns in dreams) from Seattle to Salem to check out a restaurant / bar.

(recall gap)

I was on a scaffold tower. Many tall sunflowers grew at the base of the tower. I had to bring one back to the tower top -- I think -- in any case, I had to cut down a sunflower.

I climbed down the tower to where the sunflowers grew in a patch. In waking life I have a strong sense of the tarot card the Four of Wands -- the image I remember has more than four sunflowers growing in the patch, but there were also four Cardinal Sunflowers. I think I might have had a small silvery knife with which to harvest a sunflower from the center of the patch.

Many Very Large Bumblebees hovered in the flowers and along the tall green grass where I walked along the tower's base. They were the size of a spoon's bowl. Thick bands of bright yellow and ebony striated their fuzzy bodies. I had a hard time stepping around the bumblebees on my way to the sunflowers. I have a sense of walking in a narrow area between the tower and a fence, and of the grass impeding my steps.

I'm not sure if I harvested a sunflower and was walking back to climb the tower, or if I turned back because of the bees and brush, but the next thing I knew, I'd stepped on a bee. The squooshed bee put out danger scents which alerted and attracted the other bees, I slipped and fell, and woke up yelling as large fuzzy bumblebees swarmed and stung my body.
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