Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2009-04-08 Dream:  Palm Reader

I was looking at my hand this morning and, in a flash, I remembered I dreamed a palm reader told me my fortune.  

I was in a wooden room; the lighting was dim, but not dark, with a yellowish wood tone.  I'm not sure if we were on a stage or a narrow, railed walkway.  (I suspect that setting is a dream distorted Tsunami Books).  The palm reader was a tallish woman with waist-length wavey hair; she wore a pleated brown and yellow dress with an abstract floral or paisley pattern -- which in waking life reminds me of Mesopotamian carvings.  

(Close up of my hand -- I have an impression my palm was projected onto a screen next to us).  "You have many triangles and stars on your hands," she said, "but they are incomplete.  This denotes great ability, but also feelings of great frustration." 

... and the dream moved on 

(editorial note:  I have had my palm read at a psychic faire in Tsunami Books.  The person who read my palm said my palms were interesting, but I remember my dream palmist's words more clearly than the real one's.  I know next to nothing about palm reading, and frequently confuse my life and fate lines.)
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