Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2009-04-07 Dreams of Virtue and Flame

We join the dream in progress... I was at a gathering or folk concert.  Things were winding up.  A forty-something man with a beard and long hair was leading a kind of standing meditation (the concert was very Eugene).  He was doing a secular chackra clensing, and as he spoke, I saw patterns in the air around him as if rotating circles of polarized glass (centered around his head) were slowly spinning.  

The crowd broke up and a young dream guy (probably an alalgam of the shirtless guys I saw playing basketball yesterday) propositioned me. I told him I was in a monogamous relationship and he got really mad (I must have been giving mixed signals)....

Partial mish-mash of travelling dreams... a scene about lab test results and a spilled folder of papers...

A really smart high school senior had either blown something up or started a large fire.  He was off-stage for most of the dream, except for flashbacks.  He had a clubhouse or treehouse in his parents' backyard where he would experiment with fire and devices.  

Early in his pyromanic career, he "borrowed" and broke, a catalytic converter-sized dental tool (I'm not sure how a dentist would use a large metal box).  "He was a good kid," a male neighbor said, "no one could figure out why he'd steal [the box] and break it.  (pause) But I guess he wanted to take it apart to see how the fire was managed (graphic view-over of the box opening to reveal a small acetylene flame).  

A small group of us were staing in the clubhouse.  The wind outside was blasting and it cold.  I was leaving, so I told some newcomers how they could hang quilts over the worst of the gaps in the walls to keep the wind out.
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