Sunday, March 01, 2009

Scenes from an adventure dream:

I was at a console, looking at a map of the world. I was demoing the console for a man (and I have a strong feeling I should remember, but I've lost the recall). The console was two monitors and was a kind of search engine. I was testing it by typing in "Arthur's Sword", "Stonehenge", and "Pyramids of Egypt." I think there were a few other sites, and the console would help me to find places and see if they lined up in any way (I am reminded of Google Maps "Get directions" function or the shortest distance between two points function). The console couldn't find Arthur's Sword.


I was in a cathedral or a castle or some other kind of large stone building. It might have been near the beach. I was walking along a kind of stone causeway which led to recessed chambers in a wall (or cliff). I discovered a hidden stone statue frieze by pulling a claw on a rod set near ?a fireplace? along the causeway. When it was pulled, stones flipped and opened in the chamber behind the fireplace, which revealed human-sized statues of the Egyptian pantheon.

My sense is that these statues had hidden levers in their arms (or something) which further opened trap doors set in the chamber.
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