Monday, March 02, 2009

Dream:  Dysfunctional Alaska Family

we join the dream in progress...

I was five foot eight, slightly overweight, with curly hair, a mustache, and of Mediterranean comlexion.  I and my wife worked for a company in Alaska.  My wife was small, wiry, and intelligent (I have a sense of red pumps or a red coat).  We made a lot of money in Alaska, in a company town where everyone worked for our company (I have a sense we were IT people; I don't know what the company did in waking life).  

My wife, daughter, and I had flown to the 48 states for a Christmas holiday (or else we were moving).  My daughter was about five, lanky, in purple tights and a felty-dress.  

I remember wandering around an airport terminal.  There was a gift shop; I remember glass windows and an articulated gate of silvery metal bars.  

For some reason, child custody became an issue.  I'm not sure if my wife was leaving me, or if working for the company was bad for our girl -- in any case, I was trying to think of a way to get custody.  An opportuninty was provided when our daughter announced she had to go to the bathroom, so I offered to take her.

The bathroom door was outside, so the two of us went through a heavy metal door to a facility in a short, squat concrete tower.  More articulated gates ran along the inside of the bathroom walls, and I managed to lock the two of us in (and my wife out).  This was a good thing, because the police would become involved.

I jumped into my wife's point of view.  I had been waiting for my husband to unlock the bathroom for a while.  Somone was on it, so I decided to go get some food.  The restaurant was dark, but decorated for Christmas.  

I remember thinking that the dining room in Alaska was much nicer and more exclusive.  I couldn't figure out my husband was doing.  (Or else the dream became confused, because I as the wife didn't want to continue working for the company because it wasn't the best for our daughter.) ... and the dream wound down.
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