Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009-03-31 Dream:  Clan of the Iconographer

I was travelling through a long, twisty cave, going from one chamber to another past all sorts of carvings.  One entrance was a small round opening between two very lifelike stone bears.  The both were standing, facing the person entering the cave, in their right paws (held in a fist next to their heads) they held a stone torch.  (I think even during the dream they reminded me of the two statues of the Dunidian from Tolkien.)

Another carving was at the edge of an underground lake; a life sized canoe carved out of a fissue in the ground, with an animal (probably a bear, but maybe a cougar) close by.  

The dream changed into a cross-cultural comparison of heiroglyphs and cave art and modern icons.  I'm not sure what I was looking at here, because various icons and glyphs were moving around in a kind of animation -- I want to say the Egyptian djed pillar got compaired to a speaker icon.  Modern and ancient icons would stack up next to each other.

There was a break of some sort.  I was in a library, except it was also a field of some sort.  I was on a raised dirt road, and to get to the stacks I wanted, I had to go over a short embankment and onto the field.  It was day, the field was dry, the ground was a light brown clay / sand mix (less loam like).  

I was looking through a pile of lexicons and books for a pariticular word or hieroglyph.  I think I was looking for the word for water, or lake.  The field was becomming more and more like a library floor and less like a field.  I found one particully useful book, which had broken up the ancient word to its roots; I set it aside.

Then I was looking at a computer screen.  There were other folks working next to me and we were at a row of about four or five computers, working on sentance structure.  What we were doing turned into a Psychology experiment, because the sentances we were wroking on were things like, "It's me, Jesus.  I'm right here." and then using parabolic speakers to beam the utterance down onto a group of students in the library desks below us (the speaker was disguised as a light fixture -- which now that I think about it, looked like a speaker icon...) 
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