Monday, March 02, 2009

03-02-2009 People Dreams

I was at Reed College.  It was pre-registration for the last semester of my senior year, and there was some problem with the number of credits I had, so I was wandering around on the second floor of Elliot Hall trying to talk with the Registrars.  Then I went into the basement to see about lining up work with Gary Schlickheiser (the director of Academic Computing when I was at Reed in the 80's).  

I wandered in the basement; it was still the Psych Department (although I think the deparment has moved since).  I'm not entirely sure how, but I was outside, on top of a snowy (melting), muddy hill.  Wood and currogated metal shacks.  Or else the TV room at my folks.  Keith Packard and Bart Massey were there, soldering things and dismantling little, two inch long grey triangular components.  

I figured out a way to squeeze the plastic triangles to make them open, but we weren't sure if this would fly with Gary.  Anyway, we ran out of triangles, so Bart started picking up the large rocks lying around and placing them in a twelve foot circle in the mud (somehow this was related to working on computer equipment).  

I walked down the hill, and suddenly I was driving (or else I've spliced two dreams).  I remember looking at a road map.  I started out returning some computer equipment, but changed into meeting the Wordos.   

The Wordos were meeting in a restaurant/diner  in Corvallis with lots of glass windows.  I walked up to the place, looked through the glass and saw a bunch of square tables had been pushed together, and that manuscripts and plates had been abandoned.  Somehow I knew that everyone had followed Jerry Oltion to an empty parking lot nearby for a demonstration.

As I walked closer to the lot (which was fenced in by a slatted chain link fence), a toy rocket lifted up over the fence and crashed into the sidewalk on the other side of the street.  There was a group exclaimation and more fireworks launched.  Between the slats, I could see everyone circled around Jerry.
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