Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dream 02-18-09

Dreamt that Mark and I went to someone's (a dream amalgam of several people) apartment.  It was early in the and our host was with two other guests, watching early morning cartoons.

I knocked over a bowl of popcorn on a side table, and as I was picking up the kernels, I asked our host, "Is this a bad time for us to be here?"  

He said it wasn't.  

I think I went into the kitchen, and Mark and I started cleaning up.

I think . . . what followed was . . . 

The elevator dream!  I was in a kind of 80's concrete and glass building.  The elevator was chrome and glass.  I got in (possibly after the kitchen scene).  I pressed a button (?for the 8th floor?) and then the elevator started yo-yoing up and down the building.  I think the doors were open, too, so I could see the elevator shaft zipping by me.   

The scariest part was when the elevator went to the very tippy top of the building.  The day was really bright and sunny and I was impossibly high in the air (insert feeling that the elevator was going to fall off of the building with me inside).

At some point I dreamt that so much water got on the bathroom floor of our house that the wood floor came apart.  About three feet underneath was another wood floor.  That's funny, I thought, I don't remember a wood floor being there when I went underneath the house. (And yes, there were secret labyrinthine passages under our house.)  Removing the current floor made the bathroom much more expansive. 
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